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Buying and dismantling instructions of the Z3 standard mirror
   The mirror can be without dismantle the interior trim away!
   It must not be turned!
   Glass top middle of the button to stop servomotor is formed between the bottom and glass Case
   a small gap, there most pure shine a flashlight to see where the glass
   is snapped to the actuator.
   Driving with a screwdriver directly between raster and mirror base plate and lever grid!
look at the picture at the german Version

   Lift the glass and pull the other two grid by removing! Now even the 2 cables
   Remove from the heat (where available).
   Solve 4 x Phillips screw from the servo motor and pull out the cable back!
   (Are by Color numbered)
   Solve 4 x Torx screw from the Body and slimming Case.
   Or remove the end the 2 socket screws with ball allen and solve the mirror from the cable.
   Cable remains on the vehicle!
   Glass and actuator remove see above!
   4 x Torx screws l "sen and go" off the use, now can the 2 base screws without turning
   the mirror be solved!
   And now have fun!
   Your Z3 Mirror World Team